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Hidden in Sydney  breathes a little mystery, the Australian Museum of Magical Arts, a museum that stores  historical, artistic and cultural artefacts of the art of magic.

No Access is permitted however we do have a little surprise for you….a Secrets of Magic Tour is conducted at The Magicians Cabaret Theatre Restaurant every Saturday 1.30pm   Group Bookings outside these departure dates & times are available upon request.


Bookings are Essential

Hosted  by Australian magician James Karp, the Secrets of Magic Tour consists of a a number of magic artifacts  from the museum but more excitingly the magician takes you on a journey of how a magician performs magic . After reciting the magicians oath you will feel like a magician, as you are taken behind the smoke and mirrors and shown how a magician prepares and performs the magic.

Being inside The Magicians Cabaret theatre you are led by the magician and will experience first hand how a magician orchestrates his magic show. It is an immersive and unique experience.

 An experience that awakes your slumbering powers. The Secrets of Magic Tour is  set within the walls and corridors of The Magicians Cabaret theatre. So after you have taken in the tourist sites of what’s on in Sydney, spoil yourself with a secret affair that will inspire and beatific your soul. The Magicians Cabaret is on the historic waterfront location of Jones Bay Wharf on Sydney Harbour, with a café out the front …after the experience enjoy a coffee and the magic that is all around us!

The history of magic as an art form has been shrouded in mystery in order to protect its secrets, often being handed down verbally from magician to magician or through underground dealings but in this secret museum of Sydney, this history and sacred knowledge comes to life and is one of the most interesting things to do in Sydney!

Enter  the secret world of a magician. 


The Secrets of Magic Tour is a journey
back through the ages of magic,
you will feel like you are travelling
for the purpose of discovery.
You shall wonder in its atmosphere,
its hidden passage ways and chambers,
its mysteries and secrets.

Reality is complex
all we can do is wonder
and enjoy the magic
that is all around us.
James Karp – Creator

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