The Magician’s Secret and Ancient Oath


i am magician

cast down every man his magic wand

the magician the possessor of magic
who performs magic conjuring mystery
given to me a roll for
performing magic
with strength and might
with honour and respect

as a magician
i commit  to the promise
to never  reveal the secrets of magic
attained from the supreme mysteries
known only to me
to use my powers for good and joy
always following the supreme law of magic
one of the universal
as we are all connected

every thought word action affects others

i will be bound to the mysterious powers
of the art of magic
its power connecting me
with the seed found within us all

the magic of the source

i commit to the magicians oath
i will never reveal the secrets of magic
lest my powers be rendered useless

i am magician
i am
pura mente et corpore magum